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My name is Louise and I'm a middle aged lady (UK Expat) living on the Gold Coast Australia, with my beautiful family, and have been living with Hashimoto's Disease and Scoliosis for most of my life.  I have within the last few years had the diagnosis of Functional Neurological Disorder.  I found myself from being a very fit healthy individual who exercised every morning, juggled my children and our busy small business to suddenly suffering what I thought was a stroke, I spent months in and out of hospital, I was in a wheel chair as I couldn't walk, gather my sentence's together and I had seizures at least 10-15 times day, I had the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, MS and Tourette's syndrome all together. My world fell apart! What was happening to me? I have always been a strong independent women, yet I had become a person who couldn't drive, couldn't wash myself, couldn't go to the toilet without assistance, and I was bedbound. 

My Story

After various tests and medical staff not knowing was wrong with me, which made me feel like I was loosing my life, my independence, was this it?  Then I was diagnosed with Functional neurological disorder. Which I had never heard off. I feel I need to try help others fighting for their health every day, by bringing my journey sharing my experience with my treatment, diet, fitness, and daily challenges, as positively as I can. would like to invitee you all to discover how I have progressed throughout the years to get to where I am now, sharing my neurological treatment, physical treatment, diet change and how I have learnt to live with these illnesses and I believe I was chosen for this path and  I have been given this gift to help others going through this journey, by sharing my story to others on their journey.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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